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Electronics Warfare

Course Details:

Duration: 8 Saturdays & 8 Sundays

Course starts from: 18th Aug 2013. (Limited seats only)

Courses are conducted by DRDO Scientists.

Courses Times:
Saturdays      : 2pm to 5pm
Sundays         : 10am to 1pm

Coursen Fees:
Industry Personnel: Rs.5000/-
Students: Rs.3000/-
Teaching Staff: Rs.1500/-

Fee includes Course Materials & Refreshments during break

Course Content:
1. Communication Intelligence (COMINT)
PART-A- Fundamentals of Communications

a. Basics of Telecommunication
b. Fundamentals on Modulation-Demodulation Techniques for Analog and Digital Communication
c. Radio Propagation
d. Radio Relays, Mobile Communication
e. Spread Spectrum Signals & Spread Spectrum Communication: (i) Frequency Hoping (ii) Chirp (ii) DSSS

PART B-Electronics Warfare and Communication Intelligence (COMINT)
a. Introduction to EW/ELINT – Evolution and Concepts
b. Electronic support Measures
c. Direction Finding and Location Fixing
d. Electronics attack: (i) Jamming techniques (ii) Jammers (iii) Deception Technique

2. Electronic Warfare (EW)
PART A: Fundamentals of Radar Systems
a. Introduction of Radar Systems
b. Types Radar (Pulse, FMCW/Search-Track etc.)
c. Radar Scanning –Concepts, Phase Array Radar
d. Pulse Compression and Spread Spectrum Technique for Radar
e. Radar Receivers introducing Matched Filter Concepts

PART-B : Electronics Warfare and Electronic Intelligence (ELINT)
a. Introduction to Signal Intelligence/Electronic Intelligence Scope and its application is EW Systems
b. ELINT Signal Parameters - Basic Concepts
c. Special Receiver Configurations for Interception and Radar Signal- Basic Concepts
d. Emerging Radar System Technology-EW Prospective-
    (i) Radar Wave form Design
    (ii) LPI/Spread Spectrum and ELINT Design Chattooga’s- EW Prospective
e. Interception System (EW-ELINT)
f. Direction Finding Techniques and Location Fixing Techniques
g. EW Jamming Techniques
Jammers - (i) actives/Passive (ii) Coherent/Non Coherent (iii) Monostatic/Bi-static/MIMO Systems

Faculty: From reputed institutions IISc, LRDE, ISRO, ADA and Premier education institutions.
Days: Saturdays and Sundays
Timing: flexible
Course details & Fees: Contact Hony. Secretary at 080-2333 1133, +91 92411 31316



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